The neutron: unsung hero of the periodic table

Neutrons: The Glue That Holds the Nucleus Together It was a race against time. The Big Bang released protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons into the newly generated and rapidly expanding universe. With a half-life of only 10 minutes, though, the free neutrons rapidly plummeted toward extinction. What saved them? The protons! As detailed by StevenContinue reading “The neutron: unsung hero of the periodic table”

Carrying the Dreams of the Montgolfier Brothers to Other Worlds

Balloons – Early Thermodynamics Machines A team of JPL engineers tests whether a large balloon can measure earthquakes from the air. The team proposes to measure “Venus-quakes” from the upper atmosphere of Venus, using an armada of balloons. The author is on the left holding a fan to inflate the solar balloon. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechContinue reading “Carrying the Dreams of the Montgolfier Brothers to Other Worlds”